AMANEER Dimmable Motion Activated Bed Light $5.95 Amazon Coupon

$5.95 $14.88

Amazon offers Dimmable Motion Activated Bed Light Deal. Up to 60% Off promo code P2EACONF

Dual Mode Optional – Motion Sensor & Manual Operation. The “ON/OFF” button on the top and the “Man/Auto” switch on the side. When in “Auto” position the light is controlled by motion sensor, but in “Man” ,it runs by the “ON/OFF”.
Flexible Application – The LED strip with 3M adhesive allows you to quickly mount wherever you need extra light. It can also be cut to the length you need, just use scissors to cut on the little black line where the copper connectors are.
Rechargeable& Replaceable – Built-in lithium battery ,you can charge it with usb cable.LED consumes up to 2.4W to Produce the same light as up to 10W incandescent bulb.
Multi Purpose : Ideal lighting & decoration for bedroom,closet,baby crib,cabinet, shelf, stairs, garage, wardrobe, ceiling, attic, hallways, camping, indoor outdoor etc .
Package – 1 * Flashlight, 1 * USB cable,1 * User Manual and AMANEER friendly customer service

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