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HEAVY DUTY BIDET SPRAYER: This cloth diaper sprayer is made of high quality stainless steel to prevent rust and oxidation. The surface is brushed to prevent scratching and gloss retention. And the stainless finish makes it an attractive addition to our bathroom.
T-VALVE ADAPTER: Solid brass manufacturing with brass ceramic cartridge, control the water ON-OFF and water pressure for sprayers’ adjustability, it’s safe and healthy, ideal for households with children.
EASY TO INSTALL: You only need to use screwdriver to install our diaper sprayer. The package carries long enough hoses, brackets, toilet tank hooks, thread seals, gaskets and mounting screws. Very simple to install and you can learn how to use the sprayer in a short time.A flat pad rubber ring carrying a filter on both sides of the hose to prevent clogging.
ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE: The sprayer has 2 spray methods to provide different water pressure to meet different cleaning needs. The AERATOR can be rotated to control the appropriate water spray method. No leaks can occur with the correct installation method.
MULTIPLE USES: As bidet attachment, these are great for cleaning the toilet and anything in your bathroom within reach, such as cloth diaper, pets, kids, personal hygiene, floor cleaning, etc. TIPS: 12 months warranty for bidet sprayer set.

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