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Coupon Code: 6E7OWQ5L

¡ñMULTI-MODE DETECTION – Anbes stud finder can be used in 4 different modes effectively. Stud Scan Mode is used for scanning and locating the center and edges of wood or metal; Deep Scan Mode is used for scanning walls for 1 1/(2 ) in (38mm) deep; Metal Scan Mode is used for locating and detecting metal; and AC Scan Mode is used for locating live AC wires.
¡ñUSER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – This digital wall scanner with its LCD display, it will deliver a highly accurate performance. Once the stud finder detector finds a stud, a ceiling joint, an AC wire or any other metal, it will emit a beeping sound to let you know, and the sponge design on the bottom of the stud sensor can better protects the shell from rough wall damage.
¡ñAUTOMATICALLY CALIBRATE – To ensure accurate measurement, the stud finder detector will automatically calibrate before each use. The things you need to do is positioning the device on the wall where there is no wood studs, AC wires or metal, then press the button in the side of shell, just need a few seconds to finished. The edge groove is convenient to make a mark during detection.
¡ñCONVENIENT AND SAVE ENERGY – The Wall Metal Detector is wireless and portable, anyone can use it with ease, it only needs a 9V battery(not included) in order to work. Our stud finder has an ergonomic design, so that you will have the most comfortable grip while scanning for metals. Wall scanner is entirely easy to use.
¡ñPERFECT PARTNER – If you’re eager to start getting all those paintings, portraits, clocks, or just anything hanged on your home walls but need a good stud finder wall scanner, Anbes wall detector is useful in locating hidden studs accurately and can work on different wall surfaces, such as lath, wallpaper, wood flooring, acoustic ceiling, painted walls and more.?

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