ASPECTEK Wasp Trap Catcher – Honey Bee Trap, Insect Catcher $6.5 at Amazon

$6.50 $12.99

Amazon ASPECTEK Wasp Trap Catcher – Honey Bee Trap, Insect Catcher 50% Off Code: 50WPPJW8 (Available for Size: 2 Pack)

★Fast and easy self-made lure: Simply add your favorite natural, non-toxic lure into the trap, or included guideline for you to quickly make effective lure from Apple cider vinegar in minutes. No need to pay extra for included lures when refilling like other brands provide with their traps.
★Good effective: The wasp trap safely and quickly eliminate fruit hornet bees around your house, hornet that enter the wasp trap cannot escape. Working from spring throughout fall. Perfect for camping and garden yards.
★Fascinating design: Pumpkin-shaped trap are suitable with any home or kitchen decorate. It decorates your home while protect your family. The wasps or insects fly through the interior trumpet shaped holes into the clear yellow catch chamber and can’t escape. Transparent shell allows you to see the trapped wasps.
★Easy to clean and spill-proof: The bee trap hard to spill, easy to refill and clean. Premium ABS and PP durable waterproof material make it suitable for different styles outdoor use and can work normally and effectively isolate the wind, water, rain, mist, snow and ice.
★Friendly and environmental trap: Non-toxic, natural and safe to use around food, children and pets. Can be used either indoor or outdoor.


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