Babepai Retractable Baby Safety Gate – 3-Direction Rotated Openings Mesh Baby Gate $39 at Amazon

$39.00 $79.99

Amazon Babepai Retractable Baby Safety Gate – 3-Direction Rotated Openings Mesh Baby Gate 51% (5%code + 35%prime day + 20% prime coupon ) Code: XQ74YQ99

3-DIRECTION ROTATED OPENINGS — Newest Version retractable gate with exclusive lock design of rotated openings on the dark champagne aluminum body. There are 3 direction of openings you can rotate to control, no matter how you pull the mesh screen, from left to right, or from right to left, even from inside to outside, and no matter where you install the gate, left mount, or right mount, even face to wall or banister mount, it can perfectly do itself work to meet your opening request!
MOVE ALTERNATELY TO 2 LOCATIONS — Babepai Wide Retractable Gate extends up to 54″ wide and is 34″ tall, includes full set of components for easy hardware installation and a backup set for relocation: screws, brackets, wall spacer shims for the baseboards, and installation guides. Yes! Babepai baby gate can be moved to another place for alternate usage. Shaking this hardware mounted baby gate will not knock it over since it is securely fastened with screws, safer than the pressure mounted gate
RETRACTABLE MESH GATE — Retractable design is a versatile solution, allowing easy use in high traffic areas without the trouble of disassemble, when it’s not in use, the mesh barrier can roll up mechanically, no more tripping on metal bars of a traditional walk-through metal gate, leaves the walkway more open, excellent for narrow or irregular openings. Built with high quality see-through woven mesh which is soft and durable to protect your baby. The white mesh panel blends in your home decor
SAFETY GATE FOR KIDS — High safety performance thanks to the Double Locking Mechanism of mesh screen and handle latch: Twist clockwise to lock the mesh screen after you lock the handle latch to wall bracket, counterclockwise to retract the mesh screen after you unlock the handle latch from wall bracket. Easy to use with one hand operation while providing the higher security to keep your little one away from hazardous stairs and off-limits areas when they learn to crawl and walk
INDOOR & OUTDOOR PETS GATE — Babepai mesh gate also is scratch resistant that can be used for pet blocking off their way out or in, works as a retractable dog gate for doorways. The mesh fabric also is rainproof and UV resistant, and the aluminum body is more durable than plastic or alloy body which make it waterproof and rustproof when used on the deck or patio. Adjustable to any doors. ONLY used for bottom of stairs. Perfect for hallways, banisters, between walls, indoors and outdoors use


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