Bella Vino 2 PACK Diamond-Shaped Ice Cube Trays $5.34 Amazon Coupon

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[Design and Use]: 2 packs ice cube molds come together, which means can produce up to 8 diamond shaped ice cubes at a time! Made with high-grade silicone materials, and designed wonderfully with the shape of diamonds. Designed to filling the tray and release the ice cubes without breaking a sweat. Garnish your favorite drink with this sparkling diamond ice cube to make a lavish drink that everyone will love!
[Extra Funnel]: Included is an extra small funnel we gifted to you so the tray can be filled easily. The funnel can also be a great use for home canning, transferring liquid or powders etc.
[Spill Resistance Lid]: Todram ice cube tray comes with water-lock lid. The lid will be secured firmly to prevent against spill and absorbing of odors. Simply snap and secure the lid onto top of the tray, open the fill port and start filling. Once the tray is filled with water, please make sure it is sealed tightly and place it inside the freezer. Remove the lid when ready to use without any fear of spilling.
[High-temperature Resistant Means Multi-functional Use]: Don’t just make ice out of the tray! Think outside the box! The tray not only does it make beautiful and elegant ice cubes for liquors for whiskey, cocktails, tequila, vodka, coffee and other drinks. The ice cube is mircowave safe and can also be used for cup cakes! Make sure to order one before your next party!
[Safe and Reliable Material]: The materials used to make this ice cube tray is a top of the line food safe grade silicone. This material is nontoxic and odor/BPA-free. We choose this silicone material because it will make the tray impenetrable against any damage or crack while putting it in the freezer.

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