CACAGOO Cool Mist Air Car Humidifier $12.95 Amazon Coupon

$12.95 $16.99

Amazon offers Cool Mist Air Car Humidifier Deal. Up to 24% Off Save $4.04 with promo code TOMMYLGFC

[Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier] Oscillate and decompose the water into fine nano-class cool mist molecules, quickly penetrate underlying skin and relieve dry skin.
[Quiet Operation] Quiet operation with a noise level as low as 35dB. Suitable for car, bedrooms, study, office, baby room, etc. Bring good sleep to you and your families.
[Safe & Auto-off] Built-in water level sensor, automatically power off when water level is lower than the safe level.
[Long working time] In intermittent spray mode, up to 20 hours. In continuous spray mode, up to 10 hours.
[7 Colors LED Light] 7 variable colors LED charging light. Press the button for 1.5s to start LED light. Press 1.5s again to lock the color. Press 1.5s again to turn off LED light.

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