Diouseas Office Computer Desk Chair Ergonomic Mesh Chair $149.5 at Amazon

$149.50 $299.00

Amazon Diouseas Office Computer Desk Chair Ergonomic Mesh Chair 50% Off Code: ZSCMNQVZ (Available for Color: Black)

【LIFTING ARMREST】- The armrest can be adapted to the sitting posture of different groups of people, the three-level lifting can be adjusted, and it is easy to adapt to the free support of the arm, which is more comfortable to watch the mobile phone
【BREATHABLE MESH】- Breathable elastic mesh fabric, high toughness, high elasticity, good breathability, comfortable and stronger; compared with traditional chairs, cool air circulates in the solid mesh, so that your body does not sweat, and can Sitting comfortably in a chair for a long time
【COMFORTABLE CUSHION】- The cushion has good resilience, moderate softness, comfortable cushioning, relieves the pressure on the buttocks, and does not get tired after sitting for a long time.
【ALUMINUM ALLOY CASTERS】- The office chair is made of aluminum alloy casters, with light and smooth sound, strong compression resistance, plus high load-bearing pentagram castor, double protection, bearing a weight of about 300 pounds
【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】- According to the ergonomic design, it effectively supports the partial pressure of the waist and focuses on the health of your lumbar spine; this advanced mesh work chair is equipped with a professional headrest, exquisite armrests, padded seats and lumbar support, regardless of Whether you are at home or in the office, you can bring great comfort to your work or study


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