Diouseas Office Computer Desk Chair Ergonomic Mesh Chair $149.5 at Amazon

$149.50 $299.00

Amazon Diouseas Office Computer Desk Chair Ergonomic Mesh Chair 50% Code: ZSCMNQVZ

【Breathable mesh backrest】-Nylon material chair back, smooth surface feel, super wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The ergonomic chair back curve profile is both atmospheric, the breathable backrest provides support, is flexible, breathable, and rich in grades.
【Adjustable armrests】-High-end 3D armrests, the surface is wear-resistant, smooth and feels good, can be freely raised or lowered freely, and the armrests swing in multiple angles in front, back, left and right. Can withstand 136KG heavy pressure, super firm and reliable.
【Multi-function seat】- Multi-function seat plate, just press the button on the side of the seat plate lightly, the entire seat plate can slide forward immediately, press the seat plate again to return to the original position, according to the joy of each user Needs to adjust.
【Comfortable office chair】- High-quality and high-temperature, high-cold one-time setting sponge, soft and elastic, super breathable. The unique seat makes you feel comfortable after sitting for a long time. Aluminum alloy casters, stylish design atmosphere, strong anti-scratch, moisture, rust, strong acid and alkali resistance, can withstand 250KG heavy pressure.
【Stable & Durable】- The 4-stage lifting steam rod can be lifted up and down 100,000 times; thickened multi-functional chassis, multi-angle adjustable reclining to meet the needs of lunch break, and the design of the push-to-lie button is very convenient.


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