DUOLANG Outdoor Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler $167.4 Amazon Coupon

$167.4 $279

Amazon offers Outdoor Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler Deal. Up to 40% Off promo code 402019082135

code is available for Remote Control

【Best for hot & dry climates】 where the air humidity is low like Southwestern, Midwest of the United States, air cooler brings the temperature down through water evaporation and adds moisture to dry air
【Multi-function 】 It can be used as a fan ,air humidifier, air conditioner or air purifier in office, home , factory,restaurant, warehouse, garage, exhibition hall, patio/ BBQ areas.
【 Energy Saving】It is cost-effective which is only 120W/H, Cooling areas 322.9 sq. ft with 2059 CFM air flow
【Safe and convenient】 3 speeds settings ,7.9 gallons water tank, Shut-Off Timer up to 9 hours,Remote control,LED control panel,Safety net,Noise reduction,Three sides high density vegatable fiber curtain. Low Water Alarm.
【Noise Reduction】3 wind modes ,The stable design will lower the sound so you won’t be distracted by the machine noise.


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