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FS.Y posture corrector is evaluated and qualified by the FDA.
√UNISEX BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR. The adjustable one-size-fit design allows you to put it on and take it off by yourself with the shoulder straps. This clavicle support brace fits chest circumferences between 28 to 43 inches. It’s perfect for women or men wearing. And no need to feel unnatural about wearing a back support brace. The latex-free adjustable design is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it after a little while.
√EFFECTIVE WAY FOR PAIN RELIEF. This posture back brace works by pulling back your shoulders and straightening your upper back, reducing your neck, back and shoulder pain effectively. It will help relieve pain by having a positive effect on slouching, hunching, arthritis, injury rehab, scoliosis and osteoporosis etc. The posture brace also realigns your spine and reduce the pain caused by poor alignment.
√COMFORTABLE DESIGN WITH THE BEST MATERIAL. Modeled after the ergonomic Figure 8 brace design, by using the shoulder straps to adjust. You can put the posture back brace on and off by yourself without requiring help. The clavicle support brace is built with the best breathable neoprene materials. The reinforced X-shaped stitching, thickened adjustable straps and the larger size PU back support provide more than the middle-of-the-range posture correctors.
√AN IDEAL SOLUTION FOR CREATING A GOOD POSTURE.. Good posture can also make you feel more confident in all life circumstances including going out in public or gym, with your colleagues in office and with your family and friends. The back brace helps you to rebuild and create a straight posture. This posture brace works by pulling back your shoulders and straightening your upper back and making it an effective upper back posture corrector.

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