HAPITO Digtal Alarm Clock for Bedrooms $4.95 Amazon Coupon

$4.95 $10.99

Amazon offers Digtal Alarm Clock for Bedrooms Deal. Up to 55% Off promo code ORLY6RAL

★ Small size, 3.2” Portable LCD screen: Big numbers display, time is easy to read day or night. Time/date, 12/24H switch, indoor temperature (℃ or ℉) Display.
★ Alarm with 8 optional alarm music; and there is a 6 minutes’ snooze button that can be continually pressed until the alarm itself is switched off, 3 times maximum.
★ Sound-Control Backlight, just a gentle hit on the table or a sound within the range of 1 meter or by touching any place on the product, the backlight can be activated. It is perfect for kids scaring of dark or elderly to get up at night.
★ This is also a timer clock, count down in a range from 1 second to 24 hours, which makes it a perfect timer for VARIOUS ACTIVITIES like homework, games, cooking, exercise, kids’ activities and meetings.
★ 16 Optional world time zones, an ideal travel clock: Built-in 16 world time zones optional, you can choose one as the world time and the other as local time, which can be displayed together in the screen. 60-Day Refund Policy, 12-Month Warranty and friendly After-Sale Service.

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