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1. Hi, i am Tyrannosaurus Rex, an intelligent robot dinosaur, a new member of Hi-Tech Robot Family, and i am here to bring you some fun and be your good friend.
2. I am remote controllable with 33ft range controller, with which you can ask me to move forward/backward, to turn left/right, to sing, to dance, to tell story, to teach language, to spray water mist, to launch missile and to program
3. I have 3 MIDIs and 5 songs in total, press down the “Dance” button, cheerful dynamic tunes with come out with my body moving around, press down the “Song” button, cheerful song will come out to relax you.
4. I have unique language study mode and Q/A mode for you, i can teach you some knowledge and exercise your logical thinking ability, a good friend’s responsibility is not only to entertain you, but to help you to learn at the same time.
5. I am rechargeable, it takes about 90 minutes to load me up, after fully charged, i will play with you for about 30 minutes, you don’t have to worry about that i will run out of juice quickly that make me a great birthday gift, Christmas gift for my master age 3+, i can’t wait to see you!

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