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Amazon 50W LED Flood Light Outdoor Deal. Up to 50% Off Code 507DVFV4

  • 【SUPER BRIGHT SAVING】:50W LED floodlights outdoor used 50 large high brightness LED chips to produce up to5000lm of high brightness white light,Which can perfectly replace the 500W traditional halogen bulb, Saving a lot of electricity and lasting up to 50,000 hours
  • 【SAFETY PERFORMANCE】:Outdoor led Flood light-PC lens has a unique optical concave convex structure, Which can ensure uniform light diffusion, No shadow, Not easy to break, protect eyes and more secure.IP67 Waterproof led floodlights outdoor can work in rain, Sleet, Heavy snow and high temperature
  • EASY TO INSTALL】:U-shaped thick bracket can perfectly support the installation and fixing of LED Flood lights. You can easily mount it on ceilings, Walls, Floors and any other location by adjusting the angle and following some simple wiring steps
  • 【USE SCENARIO】: Floodlights are suitable for Courtyards, Gardens, Plazas, Porches, Garages, Lawns, Warehouses, Farms, Parking lots, etc
  • 【SALES SERVICES】:We are offer 5 years of free quality service, Accept the return and exchange requirements, You can rest assured purchased and used of our higth quality outdoor led flood lights
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