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Multi-Use Hand Cultivator Tools-Hand Trowel, Hand Rake and Hand Hoe Tool. Multi-Tasks in your garden plots and raised beds can be finished like digging, weeding,scooping, potting and more. Heavy Clay Rocky Soils are no more your concern. Ideal Hand Cultivator Tools for soils.
Bigger Solid True Hoe Tool: Bigger and Thicker Hoe Head than other hand hoes on market, this hoe tool is bend-proof even after tough use. Thus, it’s the True hoe tool for heavy rocky and clay soils. Anti-rust coating with solid carbon steel material makes the hoe tool long-lasting for years.
Ergonomic Long-Lever Hand Trowel: 20.2″ longer hand trowel is strength-saving than normal hand trowel on market with its long leverage. Steel handle wrapped in soft rubber helps to ease hand fatigue of user. Thus, this hand trowel is ideal for the elderly, women and people with arthritis.
More Efficient Hand Rake: With More Tines than normal hand rake on market, this hand rake will spread mulch and do the raking work more efficiently. Rotate two rubberized steel screws on handle to fast switch the tool heads of hand cultivator easily by hand.
Order with Confidence: Jardineer is devoted to providing reliable and efficient products.Customer satisfaction and service quality are the basic criteria of Jardineer. If you have any problem, please trust us and contact us. We are always available to help

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