LEVOSTORE 2 PCS Hand Wire Scratch Brush Set $4.49 at Amazon

$4.49 $8.99

Amazon LEVOSTORE 2 PCS Hand Wire Scratch Brush Set 50% Off Code: BU4BBI6E ´╝łAvailable for Color: 2PACK-yellow head)

🔥FLEXIBILITY AND VERSATILITY – 2 sturdy hand brushes in a set with well-shaped, ergonomic handles and hanging holes for easy storage, for a wide range of materials and applications.
🔥WIRE BRUSH SIZE – The total length:235mm/ 9.25″; brush handle length :105mm/ 4.13″; wire bristle head length : 130mm/ 5.11″; width: 32mm/1.25″
🔥CHARACTERISTICS – Strong Cleaning of Welding Slag, Rust, Wood Residue, Paint and Heavy Stains, etc. Also Suitable for Surface Polishing of Certain Objects.
🔥DENSE STEEL WIRE – The density of steel wire is further increased, thus the surface can be applied to decontamination, derusting, grinding and deburring, and the working efficiency is effectively improved when cleaning.
🔥MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – welding preparation, derusting, grinding and surface treatment of metals, non-ferrous metals, steel and alloys, wood and wood materials, stainless steel, brass.


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