Lielisks Buoy Swim Bag Open Water Swim Buoy Flatation Device $14.79 Amazon Coupon

$14.79 $36.99

Amazon offers Buoy Swim Bag Open Water Swim Buoy Flatation Device Deal. Up to 60% Off promo code H3VFWTG9

Visibility in Open Water. The brightly-colored Buoy Swim Bag is exceptionally noticeable to boaters, jet skis, paddlers, surfers and some say, can be visible from space. Improve your visibility to avoid getting.
Includes Dry Bag and Silicone Swim cap: This buoy has a large dry bag compartment that can hold personal items such as keys, ID, credit cards, money, goggles, phone and water shoes. We also included a premium silicone swim caps for ultimate stretch and durability for indoor pool swimming, competition, training and also outdoor water sports.
Be Lightweight – Only 1.32lbs won’t be heavy, open water uses as a dry sack and swim safety tow float with roll top fastener. Once sealed it ensures protection and can float to keep personal items protected. It is light making it ultra portable.
Adjustable and Durable: This buoy is highly adjustable to fit around your waist and is made of high quality, durable 190T nylon that has two inflatable chambers.
Be Multi use – Not only a safety swim buoy, also a great dry bag for storage of personal items, keeps personal belongings dry like sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, extra cap and goggles, running shoes, socks and clothes, diving mask, snorkel, camera, water shoes, iPod, book, snacks, water, gels, cash, credit cards, insurance card, car keys, cell phone, heart-rate monitor, asthma inhaler or medicine ,etc.


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