Lightweight Heated Vest, 5V USB Electric Heating Vest $33.59 at Amazon

$33.59 $55.99

Amazon Lightweight Heated Vest, 5V USB Electric Heating Vest 40% Off Code: W7FEF642

Unisex, four sizes to choose from, 5 heating tablets to meet your warmth needs
LIGHT AND WASHABLE HEATING VEST: The material is comfortable and skin-friendly. It is not cumbersome to wear in a thick coat in winter. Keep your body warm in the cold winter and resist the cold and invade the body. Can be machine washed or hand washed
ONE BUTTON CONTROLS THREE TEMPERATURE: There are three temperature that can be adjusted. According to their own needs, the RED light (131℉/55°C – 149℉/65℃); WHITE light (113℉/45℃ to 131℉/55℃); BLUE light (104℉/40℃ to 113℉/45℃), It is worth mentioning, it is necessary to keep press the button for 3 seconds each time to work. Short press the switching to change temperature
5 SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM S TO XXL: the specific size parameters can refer to the second picture, if you can not make a decision, please tell us your height and weight, we will be You provide the most suitable size. If the size you received does not match your expectations, we have a 30-day warranty. We believe that we will provide you with the most satisfactory after-sales protection
USE IN A VARIETY OF SCENARIOS: If you are an office worker, this heated vest can be worn in your suit, warm and invisible. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, such as mountain climbing, skiing or fishing, then you need a heated vest most. Protects you from the cold in winter
HEATED JACKET WITH HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: This practical gilet is made of lightweight memory cotton and Lycra ensure soft and comfortable to wear. Built-in 5 pieces heat therapy pad quickly warm up, helps promote blood circulation and relieves muscles, shoulder and back discomfort


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