LowProfile Womens Kitten Puppy Holder Sweatshirt $15.99 Amazon Coupon

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Amazon Womens Kitten Puppy Holder Sweatshirt Deal. Up to 75% Off Code DXR7KCI2

  • ↭✿↭Women’s Sweatshirt Animal Pouch Hood Tops Carry Cat Breathable Pullover Blouse Women’s Pocket Cat Sweatshirt
  • ↭✿↭I am from China, English is not standard, size may not be standard, please be sure to read the size chart in our description to choose the size. Illumination and the display will cause chromatic aberration problems, and the transportation process may cause damage to the Shirt. The above problems can be solved by me. Any questions, please remember to contact me, thank you. ❤️two love❤️
  • ✔ This is a very comfortable and sturdy pet bag hoodie. It won’t fade after repeated washing, keeping the color bright.
  • ✔ When you don’t want to carry a heavy pet bag, when you just take your cat out for a walk, you can wear this sweater. You don’t have to bother cats and dogs inside, because the bag itself is a pet ride.
  • ✔ When there is no pet, you can also wear it as a cute large pocket sweater, you can put things in it without carrying a bag.
  • ✔ Great for small and medium cats and most other small pet breeds of toy dogs, as well as hamster rabbits and the like.
  • ✔ Please do not turn the bag over to wear it, please do not close the zipper of the bag for a long time. Let your pet breathe fresh air with you.
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