Meonxy Travel Foldable Electric Kettle $27 Amazon Coupon

$27 $53.99

Amazon offers Travel Foldable Electric Kettle Deal. Up to 50% Off promo code 9VBRO5ZO

Safety protection: Food safety grade silicone meets FDA standards of the US Food and Drug Administration. The lid and heating plate are made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to rust and manganese. Boil dry protection and automatic keep warm keep you more assured when using it.
Convenient to carry: Smaller in size, weighs only 480g, and the thickness is reduced to 5cm. It saves space and can be easily placed in the box to accompany you around the world.
Detachable power cord and handle: The power cord and handle can be separated from the kettle body for easier storage and water resistance.
One-button design: Super easy to operate, just press the button, then the water will boil in 3-5 minutes, once the temperature is below 75 degrees, the water will automatically heat up.
Dual voltage: 110V / 220V dual voltage can be used all over the world, you can change it at the bottom of the kettle. Before using in the US, please adjust the voltage to 110V.

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