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Exclusive Wax-extraction Turbofan Structure, More Complete Cleaning than Similar Ear Care Tool. You will always feel q-grips earwax remover pushes earwax inside your ear. Earwax removal drop gives ear an uncomfortable feeling of wet. Spiral cleaner cannot give a complete cleaning. So we innovated a turbofan structure tool. It has 2 layers, 12 contact surfaces with a special slant to collect earwax. The movement track like a turbofan can collect all the earwax along the way. Easier and efficient.
Specially Modulated Silicone Strength, Soft but with Suitable Tenacity for Cleaning. There are many kinds of silicone ear cleaner. They are way too soft to reach the itchy part of your ear. You will always turn to metal kits at this moment. Now our expert team improved this. Basically it is still silicone with high safety for adults and children. While it is with specially modulated hardness no less than metal ear tool. What ideal ear cleaner is the one both with safety and utility.
One Piece Design, Easier and Safer to Use. Our R&D expert found replacement structure will easily get loose for who will use it in different strength and direction. And worse, the poorly-made tips of ear wax removal tool will get stuck in your ear by a careless using. No worries for now. What we wanted to do is to offer an ear care product with highest safety standard, and also simple to use. No need installation, replacement. For this concern, Mexitop turbofan ear cleaning kit deserves a try.
Two Upgraded Sizes of Cleaning Heads Selected basing on Our German specialists’ Study on the Physiological Structure of Ear Canal. The ear spiral pick tools are too big to adapt the inner structure of ear canal. it cannot reach any a little deeper part. So cleaning effect is not pleasing. We adopt a slim, long body design to achieve the result you want it to. Equipped with two sanitary bottles, light and portable. Two sizes of head are alternative according to size of ear canal and ear wax.
Specially Customized Black Gold Frosted Ear Scoop Tool Pack to Assist Daily Ear Cleaning. Black gold cleaners are suitable for adult who likes hard ear tools, and helps to fight knotty earwax. An extra cleaning brush offered to help you to clear out the earwax remaining in the gap junctions of the turbofan head before you rinse it. It’s a higher cost performance choice compared with others for we offered a more complete and easier sanitation way and stay clean for the next use.

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