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$12.845 $25.69

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№1. ◆Kid- and Environmentally Friendly MissBig cares very much about using healthy products for children. All of the material used in this box is FDA approved. The main raw material is natural wheat fiber making it healthy for our planet and for our children. No BPAs and no chemical dyes. The material also resists staining making clean up a breeze!
№2. ◆ High quality, durable materials MissBig understands it is very important to make a durable bento box for kids. We drop test our designs more than 1000 times before mass production. You can be sure it is very strong and long-lasting!
№3. ◆ Strong Leakproof Design The leakproof design removes any worry of carrying your food. You can put the bento box into your bag without any fear of leaking. However, we do not recommend using this bento for soup.
№4. ◆Enough space for the hungriest kids. The bento box holds about 1150ml. This gives you plenty of room to load enough food for even older children or adults. It has 3 compartments to separate food. For younger children, you can use 2 for lunch and the third for a snack. Or all three for lunch – it only depends on how hungry your eater is!
№5. ◆One Year Guarantee If you are not satisfied with this bento box, you can contact us any time. We will be glad to replace any defective items or refund your purchase price. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We know your children are important to you – they are important to us too!

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