Resistance Bands Set for Man Fitness Bands Resistance Tube Men 11PCS Exercise Bands $13.99 at Amazon

$13.99 $26.99

Amazon Resistance Bands Set for Man Fitness Bands Resistance Tube Men 11PCS Exercise Bands 50% Off Code: XZXEXSEN

【Stackable Resistance Band】 These 5 colors stackable resistance band with handle have different levels: yellow (10 pounds), red (20 pounds), green (30 pounds), blue (40 pounds), black (50 pounds). It is an ideal choice for improving strength and flexibility. All resistance tubes are 50 inches in length. By combining weights, you have a ton of different weight options to choose from.
💗【Durable and High Quality】In order to ensure maximum durability and safety during use, the resistance band set is made of 100% natural latex and is equipped with a strong climber metal buckle, which will not fall or rust , Broken or deformed. elasticity. The non-slip handle is comfortable and highly absorbent. The ankle strap adheres firmly and does not fall off easily.
🏡【Private Gym at Home】This resistance bands set includes five sports belt rubbers, a door anchor, two padded handles, an ankle strap, a suitcase and an instruction manual. You can perform the best at home or anywhere extensive strength training. It is ideal for shaping quadriceps, gluteus maximus, chest, abdomen, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and knees.
⭐【Easy to use & control】These bands work as a great substitute for free weights. They take up way less room and are easier to manipulate. The ability to stack the bands makes them versatile enough to accomplish about any exercise necessary. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, those 11pc resistance bands set fitness is very suitable for you.
🎁【Multifunctional and Portable】These resistance bands are small and light, and can be carried in the accompanying bag. You can also take the rubber band fitness to the gym, office, or even exercise on the go! Suitable for all sports, such as aerobic exercise, Pilates, yoga, stretching exercise, aerobic exercise, thermal exercise, physical therapy and weight loss, etc.


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