Shadowsport Swim Goggles $7 Amazon Coupon

$7 $13.99

Amazon offers Swim Goggles Deal. Up to 50% Off promo code ZDXM6PHR

{Anti-fog technology}–The inner surface of the lens is coated with an anti-fog and environmentally friendly coating. Each lens is carefully painted to provide the most advanced anti-fog effect, providing maximum anti-fog protection for your goggles, giving you a clear view of the underwater sight and a wider range of visibility. In addition, it is safe for your eyes and skin.
{Leak-proof function}–The advanced silicone material and the ergonomic design of the goggles can be combined with all the face shapes, and the soft silicone sealing ring design prevents the eyes from getting red and irritated.
{Functional design}–Exquisite elastic silicone headband, thin head closure, quick adjustment, easy to wear button design, very suitable for the head.
{100% UV Protection Lenses}–The outer surface is coated with an anti-UV coating that filters out UV light. Color and mirror lenses reduce glare and protect your eyes from heat and UV rays. Both indoor and outdoor swimming activities are available.
{package}–You will get an anti-fog and anti-UV waterproof goggles, a small waterproof bag, a durable anti-fall cloth goggle box.


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