Simath Bathtub Extra Long Non-Slip Shower Mat $5.5 Amazon Coupon

$5.5 $10.99

Amazon offers Bathtub Extra Long Non-Slip Shower Mat Deal. Up to 50% Off promo code 50FXTJN5

NON-SLIP DESIGN: The underside of the mat is covered with 200 of strong suction cups that effectively helps it stay in place. The top surface has some texture so that it keeps your feet from slipping around.
LARGE SIZE: This large mat is 40x 16in and provides maximum coverage for the entire bottom of the tub, which allows bathers to move around in the whole tub and still have it underfoot.
NATUAL ROBBER MATERIAL: The mat is made of natural rubber, non-toxic, latex-free, PVC-free. It has no chemicals leaching when soaking in water for long time, please feel free to enjoy the bath time
VERSATILE MAT: The new mat fits well in the bathroom. It is a perfect addition in the closet, kitchen sink and other places you need
MACHINE WASHABLE: durable bath mat is machine-washable to facilitate hassle-free maintenance. To clean at any time, simply toss the mat into the machine and enjoy its fresh appearance.

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