Sneeze Guard,Portable Shield Plexiglass, Sneeze Guard Shield $23.99 at Amazon

$23.99 $39.99

Amazon Sneeze Guard,Portable Shield Plexiglass, Sneeze Guard Shield 40% Off Code: HY3GKPYY

◆【Protective Sneeze Screen】: Sneeze guards are acrylic protectors for safe interactions between students, customers, and employees. These are built out of clear protective acrylic shields designed as a protective barrier against sneezing, coughing. Get geared up to go back to work safely with sneeze screens.
◆【Excellent material】:At 0.15 thick, our solid acrylic protective shield is sturdier than most—to stand up to long-term use. Standing sneeze shield fits most desks and countertops and features a window slot to easily exchange customer documents.
◆【Fully transparent】: The transparency of the plexiglass barrier for the counter is the same as glass, and it will not block any of your vision. Moreover, a clear shield can be easily cleaned with water. Our sneeze guards adopt a curved design with rounded corners, giving you safer protection.
◆【Easy to install】:The plexiglass sheet no tools for setup. Our plexiglass shield features two slot-in stand legs that outperform any flimsy plastic sheet und durable; the acrylic we use resists scratching better than polycarbonate!
◆【Sneeze Guard Warranty】:This acrylic sneeze guard is fulfilled by Amazon with 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee. 100% satisfying and prompt customer service.


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