Starry Light Projector, Liwarace Star Light Projector with Music Speaker $23.99 at Amazon

$23.99 $39.99

Amazon Starry Light Projector, Liwarace Star Light Projector with Music Speaker 40% Code: SLGNCD4Y

✨【Multi-color matching】-Starry sky lights can project splendid and splendid galaxies to the room. The water wave pattern has a variety of basic colors (R, G, B, W), which can be matched in pairs (RG, RB, RW, GB, GW, BW), with green stars can bring a different visual experience, creating a romantic atmosphere, can also be used as a night light for children
🌟【Fidelity Speaker】-Starry sky projector has a built-in bluetooth speaker and a USB slot. You can play favorite lullabys and meditation music through the starry light projector, while watching the splendid universe and galaxies in the bedroom, creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, and falling asleep easily
⭐【Remote Control】-Nebula laser projector comes with a remote control. When resting in the bedroom, you can freely control the on/off of the waves and stars, adjust the brightness, wave speed, lighting mode, music mode, volume or settings through the remote control Automatic shutdown timer, simple and easy to operate
🌛【Rotation Function】-You can change the moving speed of the water ripples by remote control to achieve a static or rotating effect, making the sky full of nebulae more realistic, as if you really came to space
💫【Ideal Gift for Families and Children】-Nebula lights are suitable for birthdays, parties, room decoration, Christmas, anniversary gifts, exquisite patterns are intertwined to create a sky full of galaxies, which can stimulate children’s curiosity, Imagination and creativity.


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