Superlex Rechargerable Electric Fabric Shaver Lint Remover $17.99 at Amazon

$17.99 $29.99

Amazon Superlex Rechargerable Electric Fabric Shaver Lint Remover 40% Off Code: SUPLXLR40F

Powerful & Non-Stop Sweater Shaver- With high-speed rotary fine-grinding 6-leaf stainless steel blades, lengthened 30% for a 60% faster than regular sweater shaver, efficient and smoother fabric grooming process with a comfortable hold, present you the best fabric shaver for the fuzzy fabric. 8 hour charged for a 60mins efficient shaving, using & charging at the same time equal a non-stop defuzzer for clothes.
Lager Lint Container- Make your work easier with large-capacity waste bin and improves trimming efficiency by suctioning loose fuzz into the lint trap during use and preventing clogging in the blades. An embedded design ensures a seamlessly assemble sweater shaver without any separation.
Extensive Coverage Lint Shaver– The anti-size 65mm honeycomb detachable mesh increases coverage by 50% while protecting the fabric from damage and remove all size of lint precisely. When the mesh cover is loosened or removed, the sweater shaver will stop automatic to prevent hazards or damage to the material —our sweater shaver equipped with a charging control ic ensure a safety use while charging.
Fit For Various Situation- The effective remover is perfect for a variety of fabrics – from wool coats to cotton skirts, to sweaters, and beyond. It also works brilliantly on household furniture and decor including sofas, curtains, drapery, sheets, blankets comforters and duvets. Renew your fabric in 3 minutes. Get rid of lint, pills, fuzz and bobbles of all sizes.
Please Note That- Disassemble the electrostatic brush before use to avoid scratching the woolen fabric.


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