SUPPI, hyaluronic Acid face mask, facial sheet masks for women, hyaluronic acid $5.95 at Amazon

$5.95 $16.99

Amazon SUPPI, hyaluronic Acid face mask, facial sheet masks for women, hyaluronic acid 65% Off Code: K8XP74PC(Available for Size: 10)

✔[24 HOUR HYDRATION] SUPPI hyaluronic acid face mask is formulated with non-irritating, natural ingredients, providing all day and night long moisturization. The hyaluronic acid, essence will be absorbed deeply through the layer of skin in seconds without clogging pores or heavy feeling.
✔[MOISTURE RESTORING INGREDIENTS] The SUPPI full of highest quality hyaluronic acid serum. The natural, alcohol-free formula is made up with moisture rich ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vitamins. The natural ingredients deeply moisturize, stimulate collagen regeneration & speeds up healing of acne scars, spots. Naturally derived vitamins have powerful anti-aging and cell regeneration properties. The face masks will deeply moisturize & soothe irritated skin and redness.
✔[BENEFITS of USING MASK SHEETS] Hyaluronic acid Moisturizes from the bottom layers of the skin cell by attracting and holding moisture. Forming a hydrating layer, protecting skin from irritation and sun burns. SUPPI hyaluronic acid face mask will bring back youthful appearance by stimulating cell regeneration and reveal fewer fine lines and wrinkles. The aloe vare face mask prevent pigmentation, dull spots and brings more vibrant, brighter complexion and tightened pores.
✔[ALL SKIN TYPES] The deeply moisturizing mask sheet is free of fragrance, hypoallergic and comedogenics. The skin care mask is suitable for men, women with dry, sensitive, normal & acne prone, aging, oily and normal skin,and also good skin care product for teens. The hyaluronic acid serum is ideal to provide hydration after shave and ideal to fight the dryness in each seasons for skin care.
✔[EASY TO USE&CARRY] In only 20 minutes,you can have quick results targeting on hydrating. Using 2-3 masks per week , you’ll get better hydration.The independent mask pack is compact and hygienic, convenient to use at anytime anywhere even on the trip.


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