Three Leaf Garage Light, 6000LM Deformable LED Garage Lights $14.99 at Amazon

$14.99 $29.98

Amazon Three Leaf Garage Light, 6000LM Deformable LED Garage Lights 50% Code: 8FA35XAN

[💡LED BEADS UPGRADE] Compared to the 2019 garage light, we have improved led garage lighting quality of the LED diode, it makes 6000LMs bright light with only 72 pcs excellent 2835 LED diodes. Therefore, the actual power is lower than 60W, but the brightness remains 6000LMs. The energy saving capability increased from 80% to 85%. Owning an energy saving flex triple glow garage lights and be an environmental hero now!
[💡COOLING UPGRADE] Excellent SMD 2835 LED chips mounted on lighting panels which has heat sink on back to accelerate heat dissipation. At the same time, high quality aluminum material is good to dissipate heat, the big size of lighting panels also expands contact area with air to accelerate heat conductions. So, the high-quality LED beads and efficient heat dissipation system make garage ceiling led light up to 50,000 hours!
[💡LIGHT DIRECTION UPGRADE] The main feature of this adjustable 3 leaf garage light is that three flex lighting panels are adjustable. You can freely adjust 3 lighting panels up and down 90-degree to change the 60-watt garage lights directions from 180 degree to 360 degree. Its better choice compared with general low bay light whose lights directions is narrow and fixed. Ordering an adjustable light and enjoy adjustable, wide angle lights now!
[💡INSTALLATION UPGRADE] Upgraded LED garage light has standard E26/E27 screw base. That make installation of this garage lights is as simple as screwing in traditional light bulb, no needing tools, complex wiring and professional electricians. Just order it now and enjoy convenient life
[💡ENERGY CONSUMPTION UPGRADE] Unlike traditional fluorescent lamp or traditional incandescent lamp, led garage lights is more energy saving than traditional garage lights. It can convert more energy to light than traditional light whose efficiency is just half of LED garage lights. So, just update your traditional garage light to LED garage lights and enjoy environmental life


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