TwelVita All Natural Baked Gluten-Free Okra Chips $19.97 Amazon Coupon

$19.97 $26.99

Amazon offers All Natural Baked Gluten-Free Okra Chips Deal. Up to 26% Off Save $7.02 with promo code TMYTWELVITA

BAKED DELICIOUS CRUNCH – non-fried delicious gluten-free okra chips with a super crunch
HEALTHY AND SIMPLE INGREDIENTS – okra, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, white pepper
LOADED WITH FIBER – 42% of daily requirement of healthy dietary fiber to help you stay regular
KIDS APPROVED – even picky eaters will love the lightly salted crispy taste of the okra chips
MADE IN TAIWAN – naturally grown, low sodium, 5g of protein, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors´╗┐

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