Udaily No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults $5.49 at Amazon

$5.49 $10.99

Amazon Udaily No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults 40% Off Code: S39VXUZY (Only available for 2 Pairs)

ATTENTION: For shoes with grommets/eyelets only. Not for shoes with fabric loop holes.
2 PAIRS UPGRADED NO TIE SHOELACES: Elastic tieless shoelaces for kids and adults come with 2 sets of 16 +16 laces to accommodate nearly all shoes and foot sizes, easy to use and adjust automatically rather than manually loosening and tightening traditional laces. No slipping, no looseness, and no heel pain! If you want to stop tying your laces every now and always find the laces untied then elastic shoe laces are the perfect product for you.
GORGEOUS AND FUNCTIONAL: Colorful silicone shoelaces stay brightly colored and they are lightly textured to resemble normal shoelaces, free to match and add a pop element to boring shoes, make you stand out. Durable and waterproof since they withstand various environments from sunny days to pouring rain and constantly on the move whether you are walking, jogging, jumping or running. Stay the clean look laces without ribbons flopping around and easy to wipe off when dirty.
PERFECT FIT AND COMFORT: No tie elastic shoelaces come as 10 different graduated sizes, each lace has a number 1-10 printed behind, 64 laces in total, meet all your needs. You can choose the sizes according to your feet without concerning oversize or if they are too tight. Made of premium quality elastic and nontoxic silicone, unique strong grip design, where the spacing between eyelet holes gets wider quickly as you move up the shoe, stretched to keep the shoes fairly snug on your feet.
LIFESAVER FOR ALL OF YOU,GOOD BYE TIE: Who has time to tie their shoes? With these laces which are extensively tested over 100,000 times, you have the freedom to slip my shoes off and on with ease. Expand with your feet during the course of the day and standard walking at work and weekend shopping. Easy on shoes in the morning and child never has to tie their shoes, which makes your mornings just a little more convenient. Secure and time saving. Let’s Turn Your Shoes into A Slip-on!
EVERY SHOE IS A SLIP ON SHOE: Please read the instructions carefully before installing, you will find that our silicone shoelaces are easier to install and remove than other laces. Wonderful rubber laces are perfect for Children, Teenagers, Adults, Seniors, Decent Rehabilitation People, Runners, Triathletes, great as a gift. Suitable for most shoes like Sneakers, Running Shoes, Converse, Board Shoes, Tennis Shoes, High Low Top Shoes, Casual Shoes and so on.


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