Utensil Holder, Boosiny Sturdy Stainless Steel Weighted Kitchen Base $13.62 at Amazon

$13.62 $24.76

Amazon Utensil Holder, Boosiny Sturdy Stainless Steel Weighted Kitchen Base 45% (38%code + 7%coupon) Code: 384SDYF9

✅PLENTY OF HUGE SPACE — our cutlery rack has plenty of space for you to stop worrying about how to organize your kitchen utensils. Our utensil holder is about 7.09 inches in length and distinguishes 4 storage spaces to make it easier for you to sort your appliances. There’s no kitchen tool that won’t fit: spoons, spatulas, whisks and more! Tall and sturdy so none of your tools will fall out.
✅STURDY STAINLESS STEEL — the cutlery rack has an incredible base, which increases the stability and prevents the entire cutlery rack from tilting. The stainless steel material brings a stronger texture. Don’t use other cheap boxes, take our cutlery box home.
✅POWERFUL DRAINAGE — drain boards are designed in a modern way to prevent water accumulation. There is also a drain at the bottom, you can also tilt the drain manually.
✅WONDERFUL ADDITION TO ANY KITCHEN — 7.09″ x 3.35″ x 5.12″ Inches, Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction, Dishwasher Safe, Removable Divider and Gripped Insert. Add To Cart Now!
✅VALUE FOR MONEY — we made this dish drainer as sturdy as can be. Don’t worry about a wobbly top shelf, our utensil holder is built tough and Will not break easily. Definitely worthy of your possession.


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