Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, 48FT Soft Warm LED Outdoor String Lights $29.99 at Amazon

$29.99 $59.98

Amazon Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, 48FT Soft Warm LED Outdoor String Lights 50% Off Code: 6CP2CYQB

Decorative Outdoor String Lights: Thanks to 15 pcs 2700k soft warm glow light bulb, the string light can make your patio, backyard or any outdoor area look beautiful and magical at night by hanging around; With these vintage-style Edison bulbs overhead, the strand light also can make your outdoor space feel more French or Italian bistro than suburban backyard
Weatherproof LED Light String: Because of high quality IP65 bulbs and tightly sealed all-weather sockets, this string light is waterproof and can sustain kinds of weather damage, no matter how much it rains or even snows, the light still can work well and no need to go out to store these lights in bad weather
Extendable Outside Stand Lights: At end of light, it is one female socket which allow you to add more strand lights to extend the light string length, if you thought 1 light string is not enough, then you can add next light string to previous directly
High Quality and Robust String Lights: Different with glass bulb, the string lights make up with commercial grade plastic vintage bulbs, it is ETL listed and shatterproof; The wire of lights is very well made which can last for a long time to reduce replacement
Easy to Set and Replace: Built-in loops make installing this 48-foot strand a breeze, you just need to hang lights on rope to finish it, the universal hanging loops make string lights can be compatible with kinds of locations like iron fence, wall, large span etc.; there comes with 2 pack spare light filament and bulbs, that make the fix is a breeze, too, just plug out broken light filament and plug in replacement, screw bulb into socket at last to finish fix


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