Waxing Kit for Women Men Wax Warmer Hair Removal Professional Wax Machine $17.55 at Amazon

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Amazon Waxing Kit for Women Men Wax Warmer Hair Removal Professional Wax Machine 55%(50%code + 5%coupon)Code: A7E9V46F

【No more expensive salon visits】 Waxing kits are a great way to reap the long-lasting benefits of professional waxing in the comfort of your own home. Suitable for both men and women, With these wax kits, you will be able to wax almost anywhere including your face, back, bikini line, legs, and arms, easily and comfortably.
【Painless and Efficient】DIY Waxing away body hair is a popular alternative to shaving. The provided wax is made from natural formulas that won’t stick to your skin, only to the designated hair, which results in a more efficient and painless hair removal experience. Using our wax warmer will also give you smoother, hair-free skin for up to three weeks, longer than other hair removal methods.
【Safe and Easy to Use】Wax Warmer Kit comes with hard wax beans, 20 applicator sticks, and is made of high-quality, safe materials. The wax beans are made from 100% natural ingredients that quickly melt to remove unwanted hair and the warmer comes with an adjustable thermostat control knob with a wide range of accurate temperatures for a quick wax meltdown. The wax warmer comes with an automatic shutoff button for safety.
【How to Use?】The process is easy and irritation-free: you only have to add hard beans to wax warmer for 10 minutes, apply a thin layer of the wax onto the skin, smooth it down a few times, You just need a wax kit and a sawdust stick, it is very important to apply in direction of hair growth and pull back the opposite of hair growth.
【More about us】Mirapretty has been working in beauty salons for 30 years. We provide professional services and answers to help millions of people who care for beauty solve the problem of hair removal. We unconditionally provide a 3-year warranty to benefit you every day


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