WOTOW Bicycle Handlebar Bag $5.2 Amazon Coupon

$5.2 $12.99

Amazon offers Bicycle Handlebar Bag Deal. Up to 60% Off promo code WOTOW111

Visible Touch Screen on Top — Transparent PVC design on the top not only could provides clear view but also protect your phone in rain, and prevent your phone slide out with its fastener close when bike is tilted. With the size of The TPU touch screen allows you to see text, use GPS or answer a phone call with bluetooth headset.
Large Capacity & Thermal Insulation — Big capacity up to 2.75 L for essentials like small snacks, lunch, drinks or cell phone, keys. Side pockets fit a can or plastic bottle well. It can keep your lunch and drink cold for 1/2 a day with ice pack, or keep them warm for hours.
Reflective Strip & Side Pockets — The bike bag has sliver grey reflective stripes that are highly visible and reflective in dark to ensure safety during riding in dark. It also features two mesh side pockets that work great for keeping bottles, drinks cups or containers as well as odds and ends such as chargers, pens, coins, snacks, wipes and the likes.
Lightweight & Sturdy — It’s made of new cationic polyester, more durable, lightweight, and solid than normal polyester with decent look. Lining material is aluminum film with thermal function and 100% waterproof.
Easy To Install — Quickly attach on your bike with three adjustable loop and hook fastener, and held up firmly while riding. This makes it easy to fasten and convenient to adjust and install to your handlebar. Convenient use for bike, mountain bike, knee walker or knee scooter.


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