ZEBORA Probiotics for Women, Men and Kids, Prebiotics and Probiotics Powder $8.09 Amazon Coupon

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  • LEADING SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY PROTECT PROBIOTICS: ZEBORA probiotics feature delay-release technology and delivery system. This allows strains to survive stomach acid and bile and reach deep into the small intestine to support a healthy gut. Our advanced strength formula can even reach large intestine.
  • PROBIOTICS POWDER: Make it easier absorption by the gut. Powder is over 10 times more efficient than capsules. Designed with 50 billion CFU live cultures from 13 probiotics strains to replenish the beneficial bacteria to help restore digestive balance and promote digestive and immune health.
  • SUPPORT HEALTHY RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Pour the powder into the mouth directly and dissolve it with the naturally secreted saliva, the beneficial living bacteria will fight against the harmful bacteria in the respiratory tract, let probiotics exist on the surface of the respiratory mucosa, support the immune health. Helps to support weight management goals, improve your energy, make your life easier with good mood/health.
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED FOR FAMILY: Our probiotics powder suitable for women, men and kids, help to have a healthy diets.GLUTEN-FREE, NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: Our shelf stable all natural probiotics powder provides support for the establishment and maintenance of favorable intestinal flora. It’s also comes with 4 kinds of Organic Prebiotics Fiber for the maximum effectiveness and benefits.
  • 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY: Beware of probiotic supplements that don’t guarantee potency all the way to expiration as strains can be dead by the time you buy the probiotics. We confidently back our probiotics with 60-day full-refund guarantee! We know you’ll love the results, but if not, we’ll happily refund the purchase price.